What To Expect

What to expect before, during and after a massage at Relaxing Note

Before Appointment

Please be sure you arrive on time or 10 to 15 minutes early, if you can. If you’re new, you will need to fill out a health form, unless you printed it out online ahead of time, filled it out, and brought it along with you. 

When arriving early, you may ask to use the dry infrared sauna. There is no need to dress in any specific clothing. Please wear whatever is comfortable for you. We provide robes, snap wraps, slippers, and towels when using the sauna; we do draping during the massage.

Typically, there will be an office manager/massage therapist to greet you. If there’s no one to greet you when you come in, please wait for our office manager or massage therapist to welcome you. Tell us your name and appointment time, so we can quickly and easily help you. Our restroom is the first door on your left when you come in. Please feel free to use it when it’s available. We also have a restroom in the back of the building if the front is in use. Relaxing Note has a comfy and tranquil feel to it so you can feel right at home when coming into our office.

During Appointment

Prior to your first session, your massage therapist will go over your health form with you and possibly ask some additional questions. Please be open and communicate with us. Tell us surgeries you have had, pain areas, or if you’re here to just relax. Every client is unique . . . so every massage is unique! Every massage therapist is unique as well. To get the best massage, please communicate and tell us how the pressure is, especially if too deep or too light. Tell us areas of the body you’re not comfortable with us working on. We can adjust tables, pillows, and cushions to make you more comfortable. Please tell us if you’re uncomfortable for any reason. This is YOUR massage.

After Appointment

Sometimes after a massage, you may feel sore. This could be felt initially or within the following two days. But don’t worry; this is completely normal if you experience this. We like to call it the recoiling effect. It’s your body’s way of saying, “What’s going on here? This is too different, and I am not used to this.”  As massage therapists, we stretch, loosen, and manipulate muscles, tissues, and ligaments, so it’s kind of like going to the gym, just without the workout! Sometimes after a massage, you may feel sick, very tired, or have a headache initially or within the following two days. Don’t worry about this either because this is also absolutely normal! Your body is detoxing and needs rest. Be sure to drink lots of water and herbal teas, and take an Epsom salt bath. Please communicate with us so that we can answer any questions, or address any concerns that you may have. We love to get feedback as well, so we know how to best help you in the future.