Jamie Mimna - (MSG001902), Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

I’ve graduated from Baltimore School of massage in July of 2005, and I’m a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). I have four and a half years experience working for one of York’s Premier Therapeutic Massage practices that always pushed me to do my very best. I always believed I should go for my dream and start my own massage practice one day.

On May 1, 2010 I bought Kneads Therapeutic Massage from Jennifer Lloyd and made it my own and so became Relaxing Note LLC Therapeutic Massage on 29 South Main Street in Red Lion. My Job is my passion, art and I love it. I am living the life I imagined, helping people one day at a time.

I love helping people before and after surgeries or help prevent surgery all together.  Helping someone relax or easing  their pain is so rewarding.  I believe if you customize the massage to each client they will get the best massage possible and healing will happen.

My areas of study:
       Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Myofascial Release • Pregnancy Massage • Hot Stone Massage or Hot Flex Seed Packs • Reiki Massage • Lomi Lomi Massage • “Hawaiian Style Massage”• Reiki Sound

My specialties include:
       Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff  Pain • Sinus and T.M.J Pain 

 Lisa Weaver - (MSG005638), Licensed Massage Therapist

I was highly influenced by a close friend to look into Massage Therapy and once I had a professional massage, I was hooked. I started school shortly after my second daughter was born. I graduated from The Baltimore School of Massage in May 2006. Although I have only been able to practice Massage Therapy part-time, I thoroughly enjoy it. I often describe a session as “it’s relaxing for me as well as the client”!

I am a member of ABMP – Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. 

My areas of study and services are:
      Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue • Seated Massage


 Heather Caley - (MSG011346), Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been fascinated by massage therapy for many years. Being able to have a literal “hands on” approach to helping people is an amazing and enriching experience. After researching different schools, I enrolled in the massage therapy course at the York campus for Harrisburg Area Community College. I graduated in December of 2016 and became a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).

My areas of study are:
Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Myofascial Release • Hot Stone Massage • Chair Massage • Prenatal • Cupping • Thai Massage on the Table

 Milissa Shultz - (MSG004898), Licensed Massage Therapist

I had my first massage in the year 1997 and could not believe the difference it made in my life. I really got to know my body through those sessions and found relief and comfort I never knew was possible. I decided I wanted to help other people feel that, too.

I graduated from the Alternative Conjunction School and Clinic of Massage Therapy in 2001.  I truly love my profession and am so grateful to touch so many lives.

I am trained in Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, energy work, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure. I teach massage lessons to couples and families and friends. I work with all ages including children.

In my personal life I am an amateur herbalist, homeschool teacher/mom, gardener and mountain hiker.

 Rachel Rosado - (MSG011613), Licensed Massage Therapist

I have 26 years of experience in the Holistic Health field and am a 1991 graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage. After graduating, I kept my own massage therapy business for 4 years in York, until I decided to further my studies at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, Va. and graduated in 1996. After becoming licensed in Virginia and board certified by the NCTMB, I became an Assistant Instructor, for 2 years, in the many modalities offered at the Cayce/Reilly School, including the Basic Cayce/Reilly Massage Routine, Hydrotherapy, Clinical Massage (Myofascial & NeuroMuscular), Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Sports Massage, Intermediate Massage, Swedish, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, and Integrative Therapies and then became an Instructor of the Basic Cayce/Reilly routine, home remedies and diet for 3 years.

I also do Cupping Massage.

 Sherry Grafton , Office Manager

I started working with RelaxingNote in 2016 every other Saturday. By the end of that year Jamie asked me to be a bigger part of RelaxingNote and help her continue to build her dream.

It has been an amazing experience working here with the therapist and clients. Being able to witness the help and support they provide for people on a everyday basis is a blessing in itself.

I love what I do here, meeting clients, helping to plan and get ready for events along with many other things. It’s great working with such an amazing team in such a peaceful, tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

 Angela Love , Office Manager

I can’t say enough how blessed I am to be just a tiny part of this miracle.  Day after day, to see the healing and rejuvenation brought to so many in this beautiful place is both a privilege and a joy.

In College, I was one of many who struggled to find their place in this world so much that when I finally graduated, it seemed more like the end of a career than the beginning of one.  It distressed me terribly, but what I didn’t know at the time was that, in the midst of my struggle, my Creator had already made provisions for me- through the dream and dedication of my beloved friend.

My time at Relaxing Note is such a precious gift to me.  I couldn’t imagine spending it anywhere else!

 Jeff Smith - (MSG002936), Licensed Massage Therapist
  • 1991 Graduate Baltimore School of Massage,  Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2017 Certification from The International Cupping Association,  State College
  • Member AMTA

I specialize in Deep Tissue work but have enjoyed a wide range of certifications including

Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy. I also do Cupping Massage., and I’m always learning something new to add to a better quality of life for others.  I think of it as a never ending adventure creating a bond with clients that have become more like family and friends.

 Kerry Conley

Reiki Master

I have found my passion in becoming a Usui Reiki Practitioner. I believe in the Universal life energy having the ability to heal those that are in need.

In my time of personal and spiritual growth I have learned so much about love. Love is the ultimate healer. During my attainments I was granted one of life’s greatest gifts to love myself and others.

Reiki has given me the pathway to meet new people and help them in ways they may or may not be able to do for themselves. I love that I can help others through many different aspects of life. My intuitive gifts have helped others heal and move through the trials and tribulations they are experiencing during this lifetime. It was through a tragedy that I found my life’s purpose.

During this time here on Earth, I experienced a most beautiful end to a life of a loved one. After helping my mother transition from this life to the loving light, it was then that I knew I had more purpose to life than just living the everyday hum drum life.  I knew that I needed to share the love that is given to me from God and it was to be shared with everyone I encounter.

I would be honored to serve you during your Reiki session to help you overcome pain, anxiety and bring harmony back into your life.
Love is and always will be the greatest healer there is !

There is Only God, there is Only Love.

Tom Sawyer of America
 River Lee Hess
Hello my name is River Lee Hess, and I am a certified angel card reader and intuitive.  Your angels can’t wait to communicate with you! I invite you to try two of my most popular readings first being my angel reading which will help you on your life path! My second is a twin flame/soul mate reading which is a love and romance focused approach equipped with guidance and goodies! For further info on what I do please visit my website @ Riverleehess.com. I look forward to working with you! Love & Light 
 Elise Walkington - (MSG004040), Licensed Massage Therapist
I have always believed in whole body health. When self-love and care are number one, when mind, body and spirit work in synchronicity we keep ourselves oiled like fine machines. I have always been a healer and in 2008 I knew I needed to do some self-care so I began my adventure as a massage therapist. Along my journey I have studied Shiatsu, hot stones, lymphatic drainage, cupping and prenatal massage. I received my 200 RYT as well as being a doula for birth and a doula for the transition of life. I have raised two beautiful young men and am in the process of raising my 3 year old daughter. I believe massage is a powerful exchange of energy that allows the body to balance and heal itself for both the client and the therapist. I love what I do. I love learning new tools and techniques to bring to my table. I hope I get to share my gifts with you when you schedule your next appointment.
 Ashley Gal - (MSG013837), Licensed Massage Therapist

I have had an interest in massage therapy ever since I started my cosmetology career in 2009. I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them feel better about themselves. I fell in love with massage after receiving them to manage my own pain and I knew I wanted to learn massage to help others the way it has helped me.

I attended school at the Lancaster School of Cosmetology and Therapeutic Bodywork in 2019. I also became a member of ABMP(Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals) in 2019. My areas of study are Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, hot stone, chair massage, and Lomi Kapa Lele Hawaiian Bodywork.

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